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Create an Effective Study Environment


A study space that allows you to make better use of your time without distractions, allows for better concentration and greater memory retention. If you are an adult that is working or a stay at home mom or dad, you need that space for quiet time and study time. To facilitate better learning, equip this space with the things necessary to provide for the best results and least amount of distractions. Peace and quiet will do wonders for you in this learning process. Sometimes it does good to change your study space and study at a library or at a quiet beach. Somewhere where there is few if any distractions. A change of pace once in a while is a good motivation and maybe a little reward.


Once you have decided to take continuing education or start a new career, make a list of the things you will need in this study space. Start with a comfortable chair and a desk that you can organize to keep track of your notes and work files. If you need a computer, use the proper desk and height to help eliminate back, neck and shoulder aches. Be sure you have a printer, paper and extra printer cartridges for those late night study times. Other items to consider of course is pen and pencils, a dictionary and other resource and reference options, some soft music and some drinking water.


Make the space conductive for you to get the best results with the time and space you have available. If it's not working out, experiment and change the layout or colors (colors can stimulate or depress you) or whatever you feel needs changing to make it right for you. This normal study space needs to encourage, motivate and inspire your thoughts. If you are not comfortable or the area is not pleasing to you, it could potentially reduce your thought process and memory retention.


Ventiliation, Temperature and Lighting


Proper ventilation, temperature and lighting will produce productive and effective learning results. Good clean ventilation air helps stimulate your thought process. Sometimes opening a window a little will accomplish this. A cooler rather than warmer temperature has a more positive effective on the brains function. Natural lighting is best, but if you study in an enclosed room or at night, be sure you have some sort of light bulbs that produce natural light rays.


Food, Drink and Clothing


Don't over eat or drink beverages before you start studying as this can cause your body and mind to slow down and hinder you learning process. Some types of foods such as Alcohol, Sugars, Carbs and Starches are causes for sluggish concentration and solwing down your metabolizism. Eat foods that will help stimulate and improve your thinking process. Protein found in beans, meats and fish will enhance your learning ability. As we mentioned earlier, be sure and have water available as it helps the brain process the nutrition and information given to it. It's like gas in your car, no gas no go. If the brain is not properly nourished, it will not perform properly. Along with this, loose comfortable clothing will enhance circulation of the blood which helps in the overall process.


People, Noise and Smells


Distractions are a major cause of unproductive study time. Remove ALL distractions possible, including people, smells, noise, etc. These removable distractions can help determine how successful your study time will be. If you have trouble studying in a totally quiet environment, put on some soft music or nature sounds that fills that void. Smells, such as candles or proper essential oils can also stimulate your learning process.



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