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Effective Study Habits Are Important:


The goal of is to help you along in your decision to acquire education for a new career path or to get your continuing ed credits. Providing a study guide and tips to make your study time a more rewarding experience and to help you become successful.


Most people are not born with effective study skills and habits. Most are not studying effectively, but that can be changed.We are here to not only help you decide, organize and prioritize, but to also offer you a list of online courses to help you alone on your path.


This menu is a list of some of the basic needs most of us need and how and what to do to make our learning experience pay off with good dividends and make us successful. An all around good study enviroment will enhance our learning endevors.


Remember YOU elected to get your education, and YOU selected the career path you want to take. You are paying good money and providing the time for your education, so be the best student you can be.


Make your learning a high priority. With kids and sometimes work, that's difficult to do. Your family comes first, but your next priority should be your classes and study time. People raise kids and attend school, BUT, that's one reason why online courses with us make it so convenient to get that diploma or certificate of completion.


Our courses are user-friendly and there is usually always help whenever needed, especially doing normal business hours.


Remember almost all your information will be in the form of words. The teaching used in online courses will usually be different from the traditional classroom teaching. Taking a class online means you are in charge of your own time and understanding, but help is usually just a few clicks away. Be sure an review all the help files, so you will know where to go to get your answers when you need them.


Working online you work at your own pace, you are not pressured for class times or days, but you should try and schedule work on your course some everyday if possible. Most courses are 100% self paced . Your classroom is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Setup some sort of plan that works for your family, and that you can make work for you also. Maintaining a healthy balance between your family and school and work is more important than probably everything else you do. You should schedule your time by planning ahead. By planning ahead you can not over budget too much time in an area that is not needed. Don't get overwhelmed when budgeting your schedule, set goals you can accompolish, this will lead to greater productivity. Don't loose sight of your main goal, the big picture. Even if it takes a little longer than you wanted it to, education is a journey that is ongoing.


Most of all, DON'T GIVE UP, Be persistent. If you need help, seek an answer as soon as possible. Be patient if you can't find an answer immediately, send an email to the course instructor for help. This may take time, so try and continue with other reading or studying while you are waiting. Remember your motivation to get ahead and be successful.


We have divided this study guide in several sections so as to make it more understandable, and for you to pick the area of help you may need getting ready to go forth on your journey.


The menu on the left will take you to information of some of the important things that will help you become successful, if you follow the guidelines that you may have not thought about or are lacking.