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Our Continuing Education courses have been carefully evaluated and meet the standards for relicensure in each state they are listed in. Requirements vary from state to state and change from time to time. You do not pay more for a course taken through us than you do through our licensing as an affiliate. We constantly monitor our licensing agreements and requirements.

We know how difficult it is to make time to fulfill your continuing education requirements with todays hectic schedules. With our convenient distance learning education courses, you have the freedom to set your own study schedule. Our continuing education courses are approved by most state boards. Your state requirements are usually listed in our course requirements or menus, but it is your responsibility to be sure that your state is accepting that course, again requirements change from time to time before we get notified.

To keep you from guessing what to search for, or trying to figure out which key words to use. Search the courses listed under our course catalog to see if we provide the course you need. These recommended links has been reviewed before we accept them. If you don't find your course, please let us know so we can research the information.

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