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Career Research and Planning

Finding the job that you like best is not always an easy task. If this is your first attempt at starting your first job or looking to make a career change, prepare yourself with as much research information as possible and this can make career planning a little less troublesome. We are here to help give you the tools you need to assess your interest and skills, to achieve your goals in order to make you more successful in turning your education into a rewarding career. Our courses are designed for busy people who work and who may have family responsibilities. This does not lessen the quality of the course material, it just makes the material more user friendly and easier to understand.

Regardless of what profession you decide to pursue, financial earnings are an important factor when it comes to deciding on just a job or a rewarding career. Getting proper advice provides important information on better paying jobs that may interest you, including what education it takes to be successful in that field.

If you have a family or are planning a family, having a house and a car, remember these things and others require you to have money. Financial security needs to play a big part in your selection of a career path. Remember just because it has big pay checks, but you are not happy in your work or career, you probably will not be happy in your personal life.

Get informed and make a decision that's best for you:

  • Look at the responsibilities and tasks that come with each career or job search.
  • Does your personality and work style make a good fit for where you want to work.
  • Look at salary, benefits and possible advancements in that field.
  • Be sure of the education that is required or recommended in that field.
  • Check self paced online courses and programs that will meet your time and needs.

Here Are Some Basic Thoughts On Career Planning:

  • Research and Learn as much as you can about the career path that interest you.
  • Create a short list of careers you are interested in.
  • For each career that interests you, research information and if possible talk with a person already working in that field.
  • Requesting more information on the profession and the potential job market.
  • Don’t rule out part time work if it helps you get your foot in the door. Prove yourself so they can see your work ethics and dedication.
  • Make sure of the cost of the education and that you can afford it, do you qualify for a scholarship or will you require financial aid.
  • Look at the time frame it takes to accomplish your studies and get your degree or certificate.

 Remember This:

"While some people see tough times and challenging conditions, others see opportunity and potential for growth."

 Make your opportunity for potential and growth a priority, and the rest will work itself into your schedule. Make sure you're getting your education for the right reason and you will have the determination you need to see it through to completion. Get your education in a field you will be happy to work in, not just because it pays well. There are fields you can be happy working in and that pays well. You have to decide that for yourself.

 Education can be expensive, but the rewards are usually worth the time and expense. Some employees will pay for your education or reimburse you upon completion of the course. Financial aid and student loans are available. There are private and government grants that you may be eligible for. Research your options for these sources if you need financial help.

 National statistics indicate that persons with a degree (and keeping their certification credits) earn on average over $20,000 a year more than those with a high school diploma or a GED.

 Our life's journey change and evolve, because you should have gotten education before doesn't mean it's too late to get it now. Colonel Sanders was 67 when he started KFC. How old do you want to be before you start your life to education and financial stability? Devoting yourself to education NOW will mean a smoother road ahead for you and your family.

 Online education with one of our user-friendly courses is less expensive than having to travel to get your education or acquire your continuing ed credits.

 Check our list of courses available and other services we offer for your state and or national accredition.